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is the lysol toilet bowl cleaner safe to use during pregnancy and with small toddlers

Answered by Lysol

I recently purchased Lysol Cling toilet bowl cleaner. I used to clean the two bathrooms and was wondering if it's safe if I dripped some of the water while cleaning and if my kids get it on their clothes/toys if it's safe. Also i'm 7 months pregnant and if it can be harmful to me.

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The directions on the label for Lysol® Cling reflect exposure to the product straight out of the bottle. My understanding is that it was first diluted with water. If so, then any risk would be less. To be on the safe side, remove the cloths and wash them and rinse the toys thoroughly with water before giving them back to your children. If you follow the directions on the label you should feel confident in using the product even if you are pregnant. - Joe Rubino, Lysol® Head Microbiologist

posted by LYSOL . | July 12, 2011