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Whole House Disinfectant

Answered by Lysol

Why has Lysol not created a product that you can "set off" to kill all germs on surfaces. Sort of like a "bug bomb". You set it and leave the house, come back a few hours later and everything would be disinfected. Could do one per room. This seems like "simple" answer to disinfecting a house after sickness. Why has this not been "invented"??

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Hi Diane1292, thank you for your suggestion, but a fogger/bomb type product would not be an effective surface disinfectant due to its limited and possibly uneven coverage of surfaces. Lysol® Disinfectant Spray, in its current form, offers a much more effective solution as it can be used accurately on a specific surface target, especially areas that are prone to carry germs such as handles, knobs, counters and other commonly touched surfaces.

posted by LYSOL . | September 10, 2013