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Stay ahead of the cold & flu this season. Before you leave the house check in with our cold & flu tracker. Enter a zip code and keep an eye on cold and flu outbreaks in your area and around the country.


What's the difference between a Cold and the Flu? Between the Swine Flu and Bird Flu? Who's at greatest risk for the Flu? Protecting your family from the germs that cause colds and the flu is easier than you might think. We're glad you asked. Find all this and more.

Special Tips to Protect Your Children

Noted pediatrician Dr. Laura Jana recommends the following key behaviors for protecting your children from cold and flu germs.

  • Give Kids the Flu Vaccine. Start flu season off by helping kids avoid getting the flu. Contact your pediatrician for more information
  • Cover Noses and Mouths. Show children how to do the "elbow" cough and sneeze (using their elbows to cover their mouths instead of their hands). Or, show them how to cover their mouths and noses with a tissue, and then immediately throw it away.
  • Drink Fluids. Water flushes toxins from your system, so be sure to keep kids hydrated.
  • Wash Those Hands. Teach your children about the importance of hand washing before every meal, after using the bathroom and after playing outside.
  • Regularly Disinfect Surfaces. Minimize the likelihood of spreading illnesses through contaminated surfaces by disinfecting commonly touched surfaces at the beginning and end of the day with Lysol®.
  • Well-Balanced Diet. Give kids plenty of high protein foods, fruits, vegetables and vitamins to give their bodies the defenses they need.