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Being a new mom brings so many questions. Find easy ways to prepare you, your family and your home for your newest addition. We've taken the thinking and worrying out of making sure your home is clean and ready for your newest addition.

About Bed Rest

In some cases, your healthcare provider may prescribe bed rest. This means you have to reduce your activity by resting, usually in bed. There are two types of bed rest:

  • Strict bed rest: You won't able to leave your bed for any reason, and will require assistance to care for yourself. In some cases, you may be permitted to get up and use the bathroom.
  • Modified bed rest: Generally, you can stay on the couch, bed, or in a sitting position, but are restricted from sexual intercourse, exercise, or lifting. In some cases, you might simply need to reduce your activity levels, and rest in bed for short periods.

Bed rest can be challenging, because it affects so many areas of your life. But remember: bed rest is very beneficial for developing babies who are at risk from pregnancy complications. It decreases pressure on the baby and increases oxygen and nutrients — and helps improve your organ function and blood pressure, too.

While you're on bed rest, communicate often with your doctor to keep informed of your medical status so that you know where you stand, and if it's possible for you to discontinue bed rest.