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You work hard to instill healthy habits at home, but it’s important to reinforce those in the classroom. With today’s kids spending an average of 30 hours per week at school, teachers and parents need to work together to establish healthy schools by reducing the spread of germs that cause flu, colds, and other illnesses.

Lysol® has partnered with the National Education Association (NEA) and National Parent Teacher Association (PTA), with health messages from the CDC, to launch the Healthy Habits Program. Working together, we’ve developed materials to educate students on proper hand washing and other techniques to keep germs from spreading and reduce sick days.

Read the introduction letter to the Healthy Habits Program from the CDC.

Lysol is teaming up with legendary athlete, Jerry Rice to coach students on the importance of Healthy Habits for a strong start to the new school year. Download Jerry Rice's Healthy Habits playbook here Coaching Healthy Habits


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