Healthy Hygiene Habits at School

Why Classroom Hygiene is Important Get the facts.

Hygiene facts that is. If you miss school, you miss out – so it's important that both teachers and children stay their healthiest. However, a group of kids plus a confined area can equal a breeding ground for germs. Fighting the constant runny noses, coughing, sneezing and dirty hands is a never-ending battle. Poor hygiene comes in a variety of forms and often leads to the spread of viruses and bacteria including cold and flu germs. Encouraging healthy hygiene habits at a young age can leave a lasting impression and have a dramatic effect on overall long-term health. In our recent survey, Lysol® discovered a few classroom hygiene facts that might just surprise you. Read on for our top 5 classroom hygiene tips!

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Participating Teacher Bloggers

The above classroom hygiene facts were derived from a recent survey conducted by Lysol®. We want to thank the following teacher bloggers for their tips and participation:

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