Kitchen Cleaning

Cleaning the kitchen efficiently and effectively certainly takes some practice, but once you’ve got it nailed, you’ll be able to maintain it with ease. It’s an important room for many reasons; not only does it tend to be the heart of the home and a high traffic area, but it’s also a haven for germs – so it’s particularly crucial to clean and disinfect it regularly, ensuring it’s not just sparkling but safe for your family, too.

One of the top germ culprits in your kitchen comes from food residue, from greasy spills to cross-contaminations and leftovers that are lingering in the trash. Lysol® products are specially formulated to target specific areas of the home, and we have plenty of solutions that can help to keep you and your family protected from kitchen germs and many harmful food-borne illnesses (when used as directed).

If you’re looking for tips to clean your kitchen, take a look through our ‘kitchen’ specific guides on a range of surfaces and items to tackle this well-loved and well-used space.

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