New Moms: Keeping Clean and Pristine

With your baby being so young and vulnerable, it’s important to keep your home as safe and sanitary as possible. With so much on your plate, this can sometimes be a lot to ask for, though. Here are some tips for new mothers to follow in order to keep the home clean in less time:

Schedule it 

Know what you need to get done to stay on track throughout the week. If Sunday is your rest day (or the closest thing to it), take a moment to set a schedule for the week. Stick to the schedule as best you can, but don’t get stressed if you fall a little behind—this usually just means you spent some valuable time tending to your little one.

Keep cleanliness within reach

You’ll come to know which areas are most frequently in need of a quick pick-up. Keep the household cleaning products you know you’re goingto need nearby, so that you’re able to knock these spots off of the list when you get a spare second or when it makes sense to take care of it. For instance, put a container of Lysol Disinfecting Wipes near your home changing station or where your baby plays with (and leaves) their toys, so that you’re always ready to fight germs. A quick wipe followed by a rinse, and they’re all set to be played with again.

Work together

Delegate tasks for maximum efficiency. There’s always going to be a mountain of tasks to take care of once baby has arrived. Make things more manageable by assigning regular tasks to your significant other. At the very least, make sure you get to take a breather at some point during the day!

Tag-team it

Sometimes your baby is just going to want to be near Mom all day long to feel at ease. When you’re doing something that allows you to strap on the ol’ baby carrier, like if your baby loves the white noise of the vacuum, bring them along for the ride—you guys make a great team, even if one of you is snoozing.