Your Pets & Your Child: Cleaning Tips for Baby Safety

The budding friendship between your new baby and your pet most often falls somewhere between hilarious and heartwarming. While there are sure to be slip-ups to mend and messes to pick up along the way, it’s all well and good so long as you keep their relationship clean where it counts. Most messes are par for the course, but there are some scenarios you should keep in mind with the help of these cleaning tips to keep ensure baby safety.

Pet’s Eating Area

One simple thing to be conscious of is the cleanliness of your pet’s eating area. Let’s face it, our pets may be messier eaters than even our finger-mashing little rascals. Pets that eat dry food are particularly likely to crunch their food away from their bowls and spread germ-ridden crumbs all over the surrounding floor—they just can’t help it. Since your little one is either already or soon to be on the move (and close to the ground), this pet problem calls for regular sweeping and disinfecting. For hard surfaces, turn to the Lysol All Purpose Cleaner to get rid of potentially harmful bacteria in the area.  

Pet’s Dirty Toys

Another potentially harmful circumstance is your baby getting their hands on your pet’s dirty toys. Your pet probably sticks their nose in many places you’d rather them not—so you certainly don’t want your child playing with their unclean toys that can be covered with germs.

For hard plastic or rubber toys, use our disinfecting wipes to fight bacteria and viruses and help keep them from harming your child. Wipe down the dirty toys, rinse them thoroughly with water, and then dry them off before sending your pet running around to fetch any of them. With fabric toys, you’ll want to hand wash them or run them through your washer to kill the germs.

By keeping the environment clean for your new baby and pet, you’ll be creating a happy and healthy foundation for their relationship. Implement these cleaning tips not just to protect your baby, but also so that your pet and your child can begin an ever-lasting friendship.

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