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3 Cleaning Tips for Working Moms

Maintaining a clean environment in your home as a new and working mom can certainly seem like a daunting task at first. Reference these cleaning tips for working moms by Lysol® in order to keep your home clean and spend more time with your loved ones.

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Here are the top three cleaning tips for working moms that can help create and maintain a clean home environment:


Tip 1: Make a cleaning schedule that works for you.

This is especially important for working moms. Once the baby arrives, organization is key in order to maintain the day-to-day house cleaning duties while simultaneously spending as much time as possible with your new baby. Spread your household cleaning chores out over the week, and dedicate a portion of your time to cleaning during the weekend. This will allow you to spend as much time as possible after work hours with your little one.

Tip 2: Discover ways to multi-task.

Odds are–even with the best organization in place–you’ll still be left with what feels like an inadequate amount of time to really give your home the clean it needs and that your baby deserves. Find ways to check multiple things off the list at once. This is where Lysol® Multi-Purpose Cleaners will come in handy. Our line of multi-purpose cleaners can save you valuable time that you can be spending with your little loved one. For instance, spray down the tub and allow our Cleaner’s formula about 10 minutes to work its magic. Meanwhile, take care of the countertops, before going back to your tub that is now just a quick wipe-down away from being squeaky clean. This is just one way you can take advantage of a single solution that can help clean multiple rooms and areas of your home.

Two children doing yoga pose while standing on yoga mat in living room and looking at laptop screen

Tip 3: Involve your baby in your tasks.

When possible, try to keep your baby involved when you have tasks that allow you to. For instance, when you’re folding the laundry, why not give your baby a toy to fiddle with? You can breeze through your chores in no time, all while your baby stays occupied and entertained, and you still get to keep an eye on them.


While following these tips will go a long way towards making your life as a mom easier, the reality is that getting used to maintaining a clean home with a new, beautiful baby and that same old, busy schedule to work around is going to take some time. If at first it feels difficult, stick to it! Before you know it, with the help of these tips and a dash of your trademark persistence, you’ll be saving so much time on cleaning that you’ll have more time than ever for the most important thing of all: savoring all those precious little moments you get to share with your little one.

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