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How to Keep Your Classroom Clean

Is your classroom tough to clean? We have some tips on how to keep your classroom clean by simply making it easier to get a deep clean and get rid of germs.

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Reduce clutter

Did you inherit old and outdated materials from the last teacher to use in your room? Toss 'em out. Give away damaged and old books and make sure papers and old projects go to the recycling bin or shredder instead of gathering dust and germs. These things make it hard to wipe down surfaces when you're trying to clean and eliminate potentially harmful germs in your classroom.


Remove decorations and art projects every month.

Display the kids' work for a limited time, so that they don't become germ-gatherers.


Eliminate soft objects

You can have a cozy nook for reading, but pillows, bean bags and other soft materials like stuffed animals are prime spots for germs and dust mites and allergens to gather. Since so many kids suffer from allergy related symptoms, removing materials like this from your room will help them. It can also make it easy to keep your classroom clean by allowing brooms, mops and vacuums to maneuver.


Make sure you store food in sealed containers.

If you bring your lunch and store it in your classroom you'll want to make sure it's in a sealed container.


Don't block air vents in your classroom with furniture, posters or other items.

These air vents send clean air into your classroom. If you feel like you know how to keep your classroom clean, but it still seems dusty all the time, your air might not be filtering properly. If that’s the case, check with a custodian or building maintenance staff.

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