Killing germs is our #1 job. A healthier world is our goal.

For more than a century, Lysol has been protecting families from illness-causing germs. We believe there is nothing more important than keeping our loved ones safe and healthy. For Lysol, just as it is for parents, protection is an instinctive act of love: an unconditional combination of strength and heart.

Children drawing the planet earth on a chalkboard. Stick figures are holding hands and smiling on top of the earth next to the word "Lysol"

Bringing our mission to life

A student wearing a face mask in a classroom raises their hand to attract the attention of the teacher. The Lysol Here for Healthy Schools Logo overlays the image.

Creating community wellbeing

When our communities are healthier, we’re all healthier. When we don’t have to worry about germs or illness, we can all truly thrive, both physically and emotionally. 


Our commitment to community wellbeing takes many forms, most notably with the nationwide Lysol HERE for Healthy Schools initiative, promoting healthy habits for children at home and school.

Glass vials in a laboratory.

Guided by scientific progress

For over a hundred years, we have pushed ourselves to be the gold standard in germ kill to help protect you and your family from the spread of bacteria and viruses, including the COVID-19 virus.

A canister of Lysol Disinfecting Wipes on the floor of a playroom next to a chalkboard and some baby toys.

Doing it all with Integrity

We know, as a brand, that we can talk about principles but only earn your trust when we show them to be true. That’s why we are continually committed to make sure all our promises of performance are backed by scientific proof, most notably in the way our products are registered with and approved by the EPA. 

We protect more when we protect together

Logos for the national education association and the PTA

The best weapon against germs is knowledge. That’s why we partnered with the NEA and National PTA to develop lesson plans that can help students learn important healthy habits for the school year.

The logo for the CDC Foundation

Our partnership with the CDC Foundation is expanding here for healthy schools to 15 million children in the U.S.

The logo for Delta Airlines


We’re helping Delta innovate cleaner, more hygienic experiences for customers and employees.


The logo for AVIS Car Rental


Our scientists have contributed to developing safer disinfection protocols for AVIS and BUDGET to protect travelers during the car rental experience. 


The logo for Hilton Hotels and Resorts


Our collaboration with Hilton elevates the standards of cleanliness and safety in their hotels.