Lysol® SMART Multi-Purpose Cleaner Refill Cartridge

Lysol® Smart Trigger + Refill system cleans and disinfects your home while using 75% less plastic‡

  • Disinfects your home and kills 99.9% of Viruses & Bacteria*
  • Helps Reduce Plastic Pollution and Saves 75% of Plastic‡
  • Bottle is designed to be reused 25 times with Lysol Smart Refill Cartridges
  • Simply Refill, Reload and Reuse

Lysol® SMART can be used throughout your home on surfaces such as:


  • Floors
  • Walls
  • Metal surfaces
  • Glazed porcelain
  • Glazed ceramic tile
  • Plastic surfaces
  • Vanity tops
  • Garbage cans
  • Cabinets
  • Desks


  • Shower stalls
  • Bathtubs
  • Shower doors
  • Toilets

Lysol® SMART eliminates the following germs on hard, non-porous surfaces:

Avian Influenza A Virus

Herpes Simplex Type 1

Herpes Simplex Type 2

Influenza A2/Hong Kong

Rabies Virus.

Lysol® Smart Multi-Purpose Cleaner - Citrus Breeze Refill (0-19200-49119-8))

Lysol® Smart Multi-Purpose Cleaner - Fresh Waterfall Refill (0-19200-49123-5) )

EPA Registration Number: 1839-166-777

How to Use Lysol Smart Kits

Bottles of Lysol Smart Multi Purpose Cleaner on a kitchen counter. One bottle is Fresh Waterfall Scent. One bottle is Citrus Breeze Scent

To Operate

Fill bottle to the water fill line.

Insert cartridge into bottle neck.

Attach sprayer to bottle and shake gently.

Kitchen sink with sponge

To Disinfect:

Pre-clean surface.

Apply to surface until thoroughly wet.

Allow to remain wet for 10 minutes, then remove excess liquid.

2 Refills, 4 Refills

All Scents

Orange, lemon and lime


Tropical waterfall flowing over plants


Black remote control next to a piece of popcorn

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