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From kitchens to bathrooms to common household areas, Lysol All-Purpose Cleaner helps achieve fresh, clean surfaces. Cutting through tough grease and soap scum, it kills 99.9% of germs to help provide peace of mind for busy families.*

A bottle of Lysol Multi-Purpose cleaner and a cloth being used to clean a door latch.
A living room with circles magnifying the light switch and the coffee table.

Conveniently cleans and disinfects around the house

Lysol All-Purpose Cleaners kills 99.9% of viruses & bacteria, while eliminating soap scum and tough grease. It provides long lasting freshness and can be used on hard, non-porous surfaces in the kitchen, bathroom and other areas of the home, including: 



  • Counters
  • Sinks
  • Stove tops
  • Cabinets & appliance exteriors


  • Tubs
  • Glazed ceramic tile
  • Cabinets & sinks
  • Fiberglass fixtures

  • Washable walls
  • Garbage pails
  • Counter tops
  • High chairs


Multi-purpose cleaners

How and Where to Use Lysol All Purpose Cleaner

How and where to use Lysol multi-surface cleaner to kill 99.9% of germs. This cleaner is a versatile disinfectant that works on a wide range of hard, non-porous surfaces. From kitchen counters and door handles to hardwood floors and light switches to bathroom surfaces like sinks, tubs and tile. Lysol multi-surface cleaner is versatile enough to disinfect even when diluted. Dilute up to one part with every five parts of warm water. A 40 ounce bottle makes 1.8 gallons of disinfecting action. Apply the solution to fit your cleaning methods, not only with a sponge cloth or mop but also by filling a spray bottle. Wipe or spray surface and let it remain wet for six minutes to disinfect. Help protect you and your family from germs daily with Lysol multi-surface cleaner. Lysol, what it takes to protect.

Lysol Multi-Purpose cleaner kills over 100 illness causing germs

The back of our family van was mistaken for a canvas!
Driving my kids around, it seems inevitable that the car will get messy, but I was worried that the marker stains would affect the resale value of our van down the road. I used multi-purpose Lysol spray to scrub off the marker marks. It was a relief when the mess was cleaned, and I was happy to know that I could use this product again to tackle similar messes.
A felt tip pen with a scribbled drawing behind it.

Cleaning your home

Clear out germs one room at a time.

Every room in your house has its own unique challenges when it comes to cleaning. Our resources of articles and guides will help you know how to clean different rooms and surfaces and kill germs everywhere they hide.

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