Lysol® Shower Foamer - Brand New Day™

Power through soap scum and limescale and clean to a shine with a tropical scent.

  • 2X faster coverage vs Lysol Bathroom Trigger Spray
  • Powers through soap scum & Limescale
  • Removes mold & mildew stains
  • Cleans to a shine with minimal scrubbing

LYSOL® Shower Foamer - Brand New Day™ - Mango & Hibiscus can be used on bathroom surfaces such as:

  • Bathtubs
  • Shower Doors
  • Glazed Ceramic Tile
  • Sinks
  • Chrome Fixtures

Mango and Hibiscus: (0-19200-89058-8)

How to Use Bathroom Cleaners

A dirty, grimey corner of a tiled shower

To Clean Soap Scum:

Allow product to sit 15-20 seconds to penetrate soil before wiping clean

Repeat if necessary

A bathroom featuring a sink vanity, toilet and shower.

To Clean:

  1. Shake well before using

  2. Hold can upright 6-8 inches from surface and spray for 2 seconds

  3. Allow product to penetrate soap scum soils for a few minutes

  4. Wipe. Repeat if necessary

19 oz.

All Scents

A cut mango and a hibiscus flower.


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