Lysol is HERE for Healthy Schools

We’re helping support the reopening of schools by giving parents and teachers the resources they need to make it happen. From interactive lesson plans to age-specific activities and worksheets, we’re making it easy to help kids learn healthy habits in fun and engaging ways.

A student wearing a face mask raises their hand to attract the attention of the teacher. The CDC Foundation "Cover coughs and sneezes" poster is in the background.

HERE at the lunch table

When kids are together, they thrive…by sharing who they are. Of all the surfaces Lysol sanitizes in a school, none is more important than the place where kids learn from one another—the lunch table. Here, they can be themselves, encounter each other’s different beliefs, try diverse cuisines, tell stories and form long lasting friendships. It’s Lysol’s job to protect these moments at all costs and make sure ALL kids have a seat HERE at the lunch table.

Lysol HERE For Healthy Schools
Lysol HERE For Healthy Schools | "HERE at the lunch table"

VO: Lysol is donating 28 million wipes to schools in need, so they can kill 99.9%...

Legal: Not recommended for bare wood, copper, and aluminum surfaces. Use as directed. Learn more about the donation on

VO: …of viruses and bacteria

Legal: Complete rinse step and use as directed.

VO: Keeping kids together here, at places like the lunch table.

VO: Where they can share who they truly are.

AVO: Chicken Nugget Man

VO: Because when kids are together, they thrive.

Legal: Use as directed.

VO: Lysol. Here for Healthy Schools

SUPER/END CARD: (Lysol Logo) Here for Healthy Schools. Learn more at

Little Big Talk

When kids come together, we can be who we really are, and what we really think. No parents. No teachers. No subjects off the table. This is Little Big Talk.

Welcome Back Pack

We’re helping schools reopen by creating a library of downloadable and printable resources such as informative posters, fun activities, useful sticker templates and engaging lesson plans that encourage healthy habits.


Lesson Plans

We've partnered with the NEA and PTA to develop lesson plans that can help students learn healthy habits. They’re broken up into specific grading levels. Download PDF and print.



We’ve worked with the CDC Foundation to create posters that help remind students of healthy habits. Please place them in locations where reminders are needed.




These resources go beyond lesson plans and provide you with engaging ways to make healthy habits fun.



We’re taking the guesswork out of social distancing by creating stickers that say “here.” And, germ hotspot stickers call out where germs are usually found, such as around door knobs.

Featured Downloads:


Teach Kids About Germs with Storytelling Lesson Plan


Prevent the Spread of Germs with Surface Cleaning Smarts


Hand Washing Lesson Plan for Kids



Scorecard to Create Healthy Habits in the Classroom

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Other Ways We’re HERE

Healthy Habits

Download fun and easy-to-teach lesson plans to engage children in learning the importance of basic hygiene practices.

Children washing their hands

Nat Geo Kids teaches germ safety

Lysol enlisted the experts at Nat Geo Kids to create a one stop shop where your kids can learn how to protect themselves from germs through entertaining videos and games.

A teacher stood in front of the CDC foundation "Bubble break wash your hands" poster.

FLUency in Action

Together, Lysol and Kinsa have provided 1,300 schools with Smart Thermometers to create connected communities that can help fight illness together.

Parent looking at thermometer while holding hand to forehead of unhappy child. The Lysol and Kinsa logos overlay the image.

Funding for your school

Lysol has donated over $3.5MM to schools over the past 4 years. Your school can earn up to $20,000 every year by clipping Box Tops from participating Lysol products.

A teacher at the front of a classroom reading a book to a group of elementary students. Box Tops for Education Logo overlays the image.

Our Partnerships

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