Protect Against Germs

Get the latest facts on germs and learn how to help protect the ones you love from illness.

A sick person lying on a sofa and covered with a blanket. In the foreground discarded tissues rest on top of television remote controls.

Understanding Germs

Where Are Germs Found?

Find out where germs are found and common places germs can lurk. Prevent the spread of germs by cleaning these spots and being mindful of germ spots in your home.

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Prevent Germs from Spreading

Pre-K Lesson Plan: Germ Detectives

Teach kids about germs and how to find them. Use this lesson plan for kids to prevent germs from spreading and show kids how to stay healthy.

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Learn About Cold & Flu

Get the facts to beat the bug.


Find information about these germs and tips on how to prepare and help protect your loved ones during cold & flu season


COVID-19 Resources

Does Lysol Kill the COVID-19 virus?

Learn which Lysol® Disinfecting and Cleaning Products are approved to kill the COVID-19 Coronavirus.

Meet the other germs you should know.