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Scorecard to Create Healthy Habits in the Classroom

As a fun way to teach and reaffirm healthy habits in the classroom, use the Healthy Habits Scorecard and Soundboard. Give your class a point in the scorecard every time they practice a healthy habit and use the soundboard to test them throughout the day.

Examples of healthy habits

  • Washing Hands
  • Coughing and sneezing into the elbow rather than hands
  • Putting a used tissue in the trash straight away
  • Saying “beep” when another child comes within 6 feet
  • Checking that their mask is worn properly
Cartoon of smiling teacher wearing mask. Text says "score for healthy habits"

Download the Healthy Habits Scorecard

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To hammer those healthy habits home, spot-check your students with the Healthy Habits Soundboard.


Access the Healthy Habits Soundboard

The soundboard sounds include:

  • Mask Check - children should freeze so you can check whether their mask is covering their nose and mouth
  • Cough - Children should practice coughing into their elbows
  • Sneeze - Children should practice sneezing into their elbows
  • 6 feet beep - Use this beeping as a warning when the children do not socially distance