Good Nutrition

Healthy Habits: How to Eat Healthy

Turn the recommended daily serving of fruits and vegetables into a mix of great taste and healthy lessons!

A Big Bowl of Healthy

As fresh foods are coming into season across the country, make a delicious salad with your child using a wide array of colorful fruits and vegetables. As you enjoy it together, talk about the healthy benefits of vegetables, and why it’s important to have at least five servings a day of fruits and veggies.



  • They are filled with healthy vitamins and minerals that help you grow
  • They have many powerful antioxidant and “phytochemicals” (the chemicals that give them their bright colors) that fight disease
  • They include lots of fiber that is good for digestion
  • They give you a continuous, even flow of energy (unlike candy bars, which give you a lot of energy fast and then leave you sleepy)
  • They are low in fat and cholesterol
  • They are beautiful and delicious
Straw basket overflowing with fruit and veggies


Use as many locally grown fruits and vegetables as you can find to make your salad. It might be fun to start growing a vegetable garden together and let your child help choose the things that look most delicious to him or her. A chopped salad from the grocery store can work too.


For extra fun, have your salad outside in the sunshine.