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Our Secrets For Making Cleaning Fun For Your Kids

Teaching kids to clean doesn't have to feel like a lecture. Whether they realize it or not, kids already have a pretty fair understanding of germs – they just have a different name for them: Cooties

Child sits on floor surrounded by toys next to dog looking out window with front paws on windowsill

Germs are tiny living microbes that can be both good and bad. Teaching kids to clean and how to get rid of germs can be a fun bonding time. Let Lysol®help you learn how to make cleaning fun so you'll enjoy it as much as your kids.


How to make cleaning fun:


To start, let them hear it from someone else. Kids don't always like to listen, but they do love a good story. Start off with a little reading time and choose books that explain why germs are bad and the importance of cleaning.


Next, take the time to time it. This is perhaps one of the best ways to teach your kids how to make cleaning fun. Pacing can be hard for kids to understand, especially the younger ones who don't necessarily recognize how long five minutes is. Use the kitchen timer and give your kids a task to complete before the timer goes off. This will help them to learn increments of time as well as give them a little incentive to keep it moving.


After, crank up the music and play a little "Follow the Leader." Give each child an old apron and have him or her tidy up counters while you follow with a wet rag to sweep up any crumbs. Make one child the designated leader and let them choose the cleaning path, while the others follow. Switch leaders every five minutes. After they’re done and have left the room, follow up with a bottle of Lysol® Hydrogen Peroxide Multi-Purpose Cleaner.


Last, end with singing a song. Once you're done cleaning the house and it's finally time to relax, head to the sink to wash some hands. Teach your kids to sing a song as they wash so they'll know how to judge exactly how long they should spend soaping up. When you're done, show them how to use a paper towel to turn off the faucet.


Teaching kids to clean doesn't have to be grueling. Share how to make cleaning fun with your friends to keep your kids learning even when they're not at home!