Hand Washing

Healthy Habits: Handwashing For Kids

Make handwashing more fun for your kids! Sing a short song like “Happy Birthday” twice.

Child using a block of soap to wash hands

Fight Sick with Six!

Studies show that students who make it a habit to wash hands during key times get sick less often.

So as your children head back to school, have a conversation with them about how they can

“Fight sick with six!” and wash their hands at six key points each day [1]:

  1. Before every meal or snack
  2. After using the bathroom
  3. After blowing their nose, coughing or sneezing
  4. After touching garbage
  5. After handling animals, animal cages, animal food or animal waste
  6. If hands are visibly dirty


Ask them what other times might be good to wash hands. What about coming in from the playground? Talk about other things they can do to help prevent the spread of germs, such as sneezing into their

elbow or covering their mouth with a tissue. What ideas do they have?


Make a reminder:

  • Decorate a four by six card with “Fight sick with six!” for them to tape to their home desk
  • Make a bracelet with six beads or charms
  • Set up a chart on the fridge and let them put stickers for each time they washed their hands each day