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How To Clean A Nursery

When your little baby is born, your love for it is infinite. You’ll want to protect it from harm’s way, including the germs within your home.

Parent helps baby build stack of lettered blocks when sitting on floor

This is made especially difficult once their first moves are made, since they’ll be trying to touch anything and everything in sight!


Given that they spend more of their time in their nursery – to sleep, crawl, walk and play – it’s a good idea to start here. This guide will show you how to make sure that your nursery is disinfected for your baby to safely spend its time.


Your cleaning habits tend to change when you have a child. You’ll quickly come to know that it’s not just finding the time to clean that changes, but also how it must be done. The responsibility of parenthood calls for taking extra care and caution when cleaning the nursery – including sanitization and disinfection – so here are a few of our baby cleaning tips:

Cabinet with baskets containing diapers and canisters of Lysol Disinfecting Wipes and Lysol Disinfectant Spray

Keep a cleaning station

When you’ve rarely got both hands free, you don’t want to be trying to locate your equipment every time you need to clean. Keep a free drawer or cupboard (well out of your baby’s reach) with all the equipment you need including handy wipes and disinfectant sprays.


It is also important to eliminate the odors that arise from used diapers. Make sure to keep a can of Lysol® Disinfectant Spray nearby to spray in and around the diaper pail frequently to kill odor causing bacteria.


Cleaning baby toys

Baby toys may look like a lot of fun, but they can also be a danger to your child if not cleaned and disinfected properly. Especially when they spend so much time in your child’s mouth (that’s teething time, for you!), it’s important to keep them essentially germ-free and exempt from harmful chemicals.


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Person wiping cabinet with baskets and canister of Lysol Disinfecting Wipes on shelf

Cleaning baby furniture


One of the beautiful things about your little one is its sense of adventure, but this can be stressful when they’re trying to touch everything they see! It’s important to regularly sanitize all the furniture that your baby can reach, from its cot to changing table and toy boxes. You can disinfect these by using our Lysol® Disinfecting Wipes – simply wipe the surface and let dry. Repeat for stubborn stains!


How to clean new baby furniture:


If you’re preparing for your new baby, it can be tempting to think you don’t need to clean new baby furniture. However, it pays to follow the same steps as you would cleaning any baby furniture, as you cannot be sure where it was manufactured, where it has been kept and whether it is safe for your baby.


Cleaning the diaper pail


It goes without saying that your diaper pail is one area that needs attention. Pre-clean your diaper pail, and then use a strong disinfectant such as Lysol® Max Cover Disinfectant Mist:


  1. Pre-clean surfaces.
  2. Hold can upright 6” to 8” from the surface and spray for 6 to 7 seconds until covered with mist.
  3. Let stand for 3 minutes then allow to air dry.


Cleaning and sanitizing laundry and fabrics


With your baby in its infancy, they will spend a lot of time with their bedding, ‘blankies’ and being changed out of soiled clothes. It’s therefore important that we clean and sanitize these regularly, from pillows to throw blankets to pajamas.


While detergent may mean their items come out of the washing machine smelling clean, they could still be covered in germs. To ensure your baby’s fabrics are both clean and sanitized, discover how to use our Lysol® Laundry Sanitizer for the best results.


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Parent kneeling on floor and wiping baby toys next to canister of Lysol Disinfectant wipes


Get on their level


From our point of view, it’s pretty easy for us to look at a floor and think that it looks clean. However, when your little tyke is spending their time on it constantly, you’re going to need to make sure it’s spotless to keep them safe from the bacteria and viruses that can get tracked. Always vacuum regularly, and if you have hard, non-porous surfaces, you can follow our guide to cleaning your wooden floors.


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Please note: Always use Lysol® products as directed on the label.


So, next time your little one sets off on an exploration of the nursery, make sure you’ve baby-proofed it with the proper products for sanitization. That way, you can spend less time worrying and more time making memories with your bundle of joy.

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