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Prevent Germs From Spreading

Lysol Icky Icky Tissue Video Song

The Icky Icky tissue song, to the tune of “Incy Wincy Spider” times the 20 seconds they need to wash their hands thoroughly and reminds them of good hygiene habits.

Activity Video

The Icky Icky Tissue Song

3,2,1! The icky icky tissue is covered in my snot, snot? Into the trash can with a little shot. Time to wash my hands to get rid of all the germs and back to my desk. Now its time to learn

The Icky Icky Tissue Song

The Icky Icky Tissue

Is covered in my snot,

Into the trash can

With a little shot.

Time to wash my hands

To remove all the germs.

And back to the classroom,

Now it’s time to learn.

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