New Moms

From One Mother to Another

Four secrets to a stress-free home.

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Lysol® partners with experienced moms to share sanity and time-saving tips to make the transition to parenthood a little bit easier.


Hands Free!

Name: Petra

Number of children: 2

Ages of children: 2 years old, 2 months old

“The best way to be able to get errands, chores and preparation done while keeping your newborn settled is to carry them in a sling or baby carrier. This way, you'll have your hands free and still have your newborn close to you.”


Managing Mishaps

Name: Zena

Number of children: 3

Ages of children: 18 years old, 4 years old, 2 years old

“Time to clean just goes out of the window when your baby is small. After feeding the baby you might think that you get a chance to relax before the next feed comes round, but this isn't always the case. Keeping a stash of disinfecting wipes helps you to remove unwanted germs from your home quickly and easily, helping you keep on top of cleaning.”


Maximizing Your Meals

Name: Kirsty

Number of children: 3

Ages of children: 11 years old, 4 year old twins

“Make leftovers on purpose. I cook a huge lasagna that lasts three days and serve it with different sides on different days. “


Time Savers

Name: Erica

Number of children: 1

Ages of children: 9 years old

“Never waste a journey up or downstairs. Keep a basket at the bottom of the stairs for things that need to go to a different part of the house. Then when you need to go upstairs you can bring every-thing at once if you have free arm space.”

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