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3 Nesting Must-Do’s Before Baby Comes Home

Easy ways to put that nesting energy to good use and get the world ready for the baby to come home.

Pregnant woman kneeling on floor and holding baby bump

Anyone who’s been pregnant knows that the nesting instinct is not an old wives tale. It’s real. What else would inspire countless pregnant women to clean the entire house armed with nothing but a toothbrush, or rearrange the furniture three times in one day…all while sporting a belly the size of a small planet? It’s an instinct most soon-to-be moms feel at some point – the urge to make sure everything is ready and perfect for your little one on the way.


The energetic nesting phase also happens to be the ideal time to complete all those last-minute preparations that will make sure your baby arrives to a safe and healthy home. Ahead, 3 nesting “must-dos” for moms who have more energy than they know what to do with:


Shop & Stock

Here’s your excuse to shop. Once the baby is born, you’ll likely be too tired and too crazed to do any serious shopping (Grocery store with a newborn? Hello, Mission Impossible), so pre-baby is the time to stock up on pantry, nursery, and cleaning essentials to help keep your home healthy. Just make sure to choose family-friendly cleaning products that won’t leave harmful chemical residue, such as Lysol® Hydrogen Peroxide Multi-Purpose Cleaner


Deep Clean the Nest

Who says spring cleaning is only for spring? No matter the season, you can take advantage of that nesting energy to do a good, pre-baby deep clean in your home. Dust the windowsills, scrub grout, and tackle all those other pesky chores that often only get done once or twice a year. Because once the baby comes, you won’t have time. To help streamline the process, use Lysol All-Purpose Cleaner


Make It a Team Effort

Being pregnant gives you a near carte-blanche for delegation, so use it! You don’t want to push yourself too hard as your due date draws near. Put your friends, family, or significant other to work scrubbing the toilet, lifting heavy furniture, or coordinating those last minute nursery touches. Then, you can save some of that energy for when the baby arrives…and you really need it.

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